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Support Local Businesses
People of FY8 – your local businesses need you!
Local business is the lifeblood of the FY8 local Lytham & St Anne’s economy. During three lockdowns businesses have been battling on bravely to survive with little or no sales. Emerging out of lockdown for hopefully the last time, they are now facing an uphill struggle to reboot their sales and bounce back as soon as possible.

The FY8LOVE campaign is all about helping local FY8 businesses get back on their feet by showcasing all the good and positive things local FY8 businesses have to offer –all under the FY8LOVE campaign banner, website and across social media channels.

What’s the campaign all about?

We have tried to launch this campaign twice in 2020 and been thwarted by the last two lockdowns! Only now, in 2021 can we realistically ask businesses and the public to get involved.

By being part of one big coordinated local campaign, this will hopefully increasethe potential for businesses to reach as large an audience as possible through one big, coordinated effort together, rather than on their own.

What’s the website all about?
The website has been built to be at the heart of the campaign to allow all FY8 business large and small to unite under the FY8LOVE “banner”, promote themselves and “show off their wares”.

From a local restaurant offer, to the latest fashion arrivals in store, the newest beauty treatment, a customer event, a unique service you did not know about, a good news story or initiative – FY8LOVE allows FY8 businesses the chance to post up and raise awareness of everything they have to offer the people of FY8.

All businesses within the FY8 area have been encouraged to sign up to the campaign and all participants are listed by their business category in the directory section of the site. This then links to their own respective business listing page which enables them to tell everyone who they are and their own unique story about what they do plus location and contact details and links out to their own website and other social channels for you to visit and follow.

In addition, all participating FY8 businesses can upload their own individual “postcards” to the homepage of the site to raise awareness of what their business has to offer, any new products, post lockdown promotions and offers, events etc. (sorted by business category) as part of our “virtual FY8LOVE billboard” or shop window initiative to allow the local businesses to reach as big a local audience as possible.

How Can I Get Involved?
Be part of one big post lockdown campaign and support all your local FY8 businesses.
Browse the site, read the business bios, and learn more about your local FY8 businesses.
Click through to the respective FY8 individual business websites, visit your local FY8 shops, food and drink outlets, and health & beauty providers.
Use your local services and trades and keep it FY8 as much as possible!
Spread the FY8LOVE by letting all your family and friends know about the campaign and the site.
Basically, show as much FY8LOVE as you can!
Social Media - #fy8love

Links to our social media channels can be found below. Please follow and like our pages and spread the FY8LOVE to everyone you know via your own social media followers – we need as many people following us as possible!

Please also use the hashtag #fy8love to spread the word and on your own posts! Thanks!!

It’s all about the logo!
The Campaign Theme
The campaign logo has been designed to be bold, bright, memorable, and modern in order to maximise stand out and audience awareness!

Taking inspiration from the FY8 “by the sea” location and local landmarks plus past local coat of arms, the campaign logo and theme has been designed to be bold, bright, modern and memorable in order to maximise stand out and audience awareness!

It’s therefore nautical in nature to key into the by the sea location of FY8, references the main local landmark – the windmill and sails and obviously features a love heart symbol and palette to help spread FY8LOVE!

Put some wind in your business sails
Who We Are?

We are Wind & Sails Creative – a design and digital marketing company based in the heart of leafy Lytham by the sea on the Fylde Coast. As a local Lytham based business we have used our design and marketing skills to do “our bit” in devising the campaign / branding / website / social media and promotional items to help our fellow FY8 businesses get back on their feet.

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